Niches, Dispersal, and Digital Environmentalism

On February 24, 2012

I’ve been busy late 2011 and early 2012.

McClain, C.R., J.C. Stegen, and A.H. Hurlbert (2012) Dispersal, Niche Dynamics, and Oceanic Patterns in Beta-Diversity in Deep-Sea Bivalves. Proceeding of the Royal Society, B, online early

McClain, C.R., P. Unmack, J. Jackson-Ricketts, and T. Gullet (2012). Increased Energy Promotes Size-Based Niche Availability in Marine MollusksEvolution, online early

Thaler, A.D., K.A. Zelnio, A. Freitag, R. MacPherson, D. Shiffman, H. Bik, M.C. Goldstein, C. McClain (2012). Digital Environmentalism: Tools and strategies for the evolving online ecosystem. In D. Gallagher (ed.) Environmental Leadership: A Reference Handbook. SAGE Reference (Preprint pdf).

Three papers in just a few months.  Really proud of the paper in Evolution as it represents the first scientific paper for my previous undergraduate researchers Taylor and Justine!


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